There‘s still room for you

Looking for your dream job? You’ve found it!

Work can be fun. If you enjoy getting up in the morning for work you should get to know us better here and now. You‘ll soon find out that we‘re the somewhat different tax consultancy in the East of Munich!

Male, female or diverse? It doesn’t matter!
The main thing is that you‘ve been trained as a tax assistant, tax specialist or as a payroll or financial accountant and that you’ve already got a couple of years work experience and can do what it takes right off the cuff.


Have we got the same preference? Digital!
You get enthusiastic about anything digital – like we do more and more every day – you enjoy dealing with digital tools (DATEV) and would like to help shape the future of our firm in a big way? Then this would suit us perfectly.

Do you live by the give and take principle? Fantastic.
If you’re prepared to support us with your competence and commitment you can expect a lot which will go beyond interesting tasks, a friendly team and the esteem your bosses have for you. See for yourself!

We are looking for a:

Tax specialist (m/f/d)

As soon as possible or as early as possible. Flexible and uncomplicated. Always ready to talk. How does that sound?


We can offer you a bit more here

All this speaks for itself – and for us


What sounds natural to us is supported by flexible working hours and the freedom to be able to occasionally make time for private appointments during the day. We all love (and live with) having a healthy balance between working in the office and all the other important things in life.

Working from Home

Where you open the laptop – which we provide you with – is up to you. Many of us are only in our lovely office 1-2 times a week and work from home or from anywhere else in the world otherwise. You just have to fill in our flexitime calendar so that we know when and where we can reach you.

Twice a year we’ll give you a cure of your choice as a gift and will support this financially – tax-free of course. Whether it’s an Ayurvedic treatment cure, or you prefer hiking in the Black Forest or it’s a Mother-child cure somewhere is entirely your decision. The main thing is that whatever you choose it does you good.

Retirement provision extras

You like to think farsightedly of tomorrow today? Great – then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ll support your private retirement provisions every month up to the statutory maximum amount on top of your salary. Of course who you decide to save with for later is up to you.

We are totally convinced that flexible working hours add to increased job satisfaction. Therefore we’re happy when our employees actively create a healthy balance between their free time, families, hobbies and the time they spend in the office.


Now and then you really like to have a knowledge edge? Gladly! Choose advanced and/or further training – we’ll contribute generously or will cover all the costs of the training that is individually tailored to your needs. With no strings attached, understood.

Even if we don’t see each other every day our joint events help us to get on very well with each other. Two-day Christmas parties or excursions to Salzburg or Rome for example are things we like, just as we enjoy visits to the beer garden or the Oktoberfest or celebrating birthdays with cake on the house.

On the road anti-cyclically

An advantage not to be underestimated is that thanks to our location on the edge of town you can reach us by car without morning traffic jams going out of town and can drive back just as relaxed in the evening. And that you’ll never have to hunt for a parking space – we have plenty in front of the office.

Surrounded by greenery

Most of our colleagues love our location as a welcome balance to the hectic hustle and bustle of the city. There‘s plenty of fresh air around us with meadows, woods, a courtyard plus fountain, a swimming pool and a beer garden too. Good, isn’t it?


Speaking of nature. One, two or more dogs are always jumping around at our place. Bring yours along – he or she will be excited that you can go for walks while you’re at work and that he or she’ll find more than one mousehole to dig into or more than one meadow to romp around nearby.


Okay, we don’t have a cantine but instead a fully fitted kitchen. So you can bring in whatever you like to eat, or you can go to the nearby restaurant with a beer garden. You can also just cook or even bake something for yourself – everything you need is there for you.

Last but definitely not least: each and every one of us works independently and inspite of this we all work together. We value frank words as much as open doors. And we support and trust each other. Those who share these values with us generally stay for a long time – sometimes a lifetime.

And how about it?

Do we go together?

On the one hand we can, of course, tell you a lot here but, on the other hand, we can only convey what you‘ll really expect up to a point. Therefore, whether you suit us and we suit you is something we should settle face-to-face. A first introductory phonecall would be a good start, wouldn’t it?

Let’s just have a chat first!

No application documents, no CV, just a telephone call from person to person.
Send an email to Christine Maier, she’ll get in touch right away: